Signs and Symptoms

Many individuals with vestibular disorders develop disabling symptoms of dizziness and disequilibrium persisting for months or years after the initial problem has been addressed and stabilized. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) has been proven to be an extremely effective treatment approach in many of these cases. VRT Evaluation and Treatment...

Patients often report long term issues that profoundly impact many aspects of their lives. These may include:


.. ..Chronic dizziness

.. ..Vertigo

.. ..Blurred vision

.. ..Dysequilibrium

.. ..Gait disturbances

.. ..Falling

.. ..Disorientation

.. ..Nystagmus (involuntary eye movements)


.. ..Fatigue/Muscle tension

.. ..Anxiety/Depression

.. ..Headaches/Nausea

.. ..Tinnitus (noises in your ears)

.. ..Poor memory

.. ..Decreased concentration and attention

.. ..Visual disturbances

.. ..Physical deconditioning